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BC Carnival sets!

January 21, 2013

These sets are composed by a BC Mouse Hat and a matching 100% wool felt little tuxedo jacket which have to be used on sleeveless tops or dresses.
They will be on my Etsy Shop in different times from today until tomorrow early morning (Italy time).I will upload a pic for each update.
I really hope you like them, I’m not a tailor but I had a lot of fun doing these!

BC Anniversary Giveaway!

January 10, 2013

Hello! As I wrote in my previous post, to celebrate Bambina Carabina 4th anniversary and to thank all of you who were so patient and without any BC update for a long time, I worked on a little set which I’ll give for free to the lucky one who will be choosen at random by

How it works:
please put a comment (with your flickr name) under this post, I will give you a progressive number that I will show at the bottom of this post. You will have time until Sunday January 13rd midnight (Italy-Rome time).
On monday January 14th morning I will pick up a number, doing a screenshot of’s webpage and I will post it to my flickr stream.Then I will send a flickr mail to the lucky winner to arrange the shipping (shipping costs would be paid by me).

The set:

The little set is composed by:
A navy blue mohair Granny Hat, with natural/sand color felt flowers, each petal is embroidered in sand color cotton yarn.There are deep red wooden beads on each flower.
A party dress (pattern from Melissa Cabral ) done with a Liberty fabric I purchased in Paris one yer ago with a blue flower buds pattern.The skirt has two layers, the shorter one is finished off with a deep red cotton hand embroidery blanket stitch.The other layer has a cream and deep red rik-rak ribbon at the border.
On the chest I sewn a little wooden beads necklace.
-A raw edges sand color boiled wool felt jacket with four little “tortoise” buttons.
-A straw basket finished off with a sand and deep red woven ribbon.

Please consider I’m not a tailor so the set isn’t perfect ^__^
Good Luck and thank you for your support and touching emails in all these years!

foto 7

foto 1

foto 3 foto 5 foto 6

A very different BC Christmas!

December 24, 2012



I know I’m kind of vanished in the dolly world…Maany things are changing in my life and I’m trying to build what I hope would be my future job.It’s hard and I’m a kind of discouraged some times but for the first time in my life I totally love what I’m doing now.
I miss my dolly time and the dolly community immensely though, the good old times when I had free time to play around with my dolls, surfing into flickr, enjoying your pics, but now my web time has to be almost entirely dedicated to my job and public relations and there is no difference anymore between work and free time.SIGH!
I really feel upset for not having done any BC updates anymore, it’s making me feel like I’m neglecting my friends but really I have no time to breath, lately! πŸ˜‰
So I thought to do a BC free raffle for the new year, I will do a very special BC set that I’ll give as a gift to the lucky one who will have the right number which I will choose with
Many news soon!

PS To the ones who are waiting on my commission list, please understand!
For the same reason I’m not taking any commission anymore by now, sorry but I feel too bad in making you waiting for months and months.

PS again: if you want to know what I’m up to, have a look here and one of my current projects!

Special BC Crazy Granny Hat on ebay!

September 18, 2012

Maybe it’s autumn yet but I think I still prefer pop, summer colors instead for BC hats!

After a few updates with Eletrroshock hats, Caldinos (I really really love this new style!) and multicolor flowers Grannies, I found some more of the fluffy, multicolor, hairy yarns I got while in Finland.

So I quickly crocheted a funny, crazy update of Granny and Teddy Beanie hats and I left the last one for a special auction.

I hope you will like it!It’s an explosion of turquoise, white and bubblegum pink! One of those hats that will make you smile…!


Here’s the link to the 3 days auction!

Thank you for reading!

Summer news!

August 10, 2012

Hallo! Some summer time updates…

I had to stop for a while the commission list work as I’m having some supplies problems which I’m trying to solve, by now the stash I have will be only used for the regular shop updates, I’m letting you know when I’ll keep it moving again.

Sorry for who’s waiting!

During these 3 days I’m having on sale for a special ebay auction the last ever Black Elettroshock Hat: unfortunately I won’t be able to find this crazy vintage deadstock yarn again, so I thought it would have deserved a special “adoption” (-:

I have some hopes for the teal version but black seems impossible to find, I’m trying hard from an year as it’s a yarn from the eighties, with no luck.

These last three I’ve put on sale these days (2 teal ones were already sold on Etsy) were done by some little remains I was lucky to find while reorganizing my yarn stash!(-:

On ebay for a 3 days auction:

item number 190712689611

Thank you so much for your support again!


I’m on My Muse Magazine!

March 31, 2012

Spring has brought her first gift! I’m on the new number of My Muse magazine, in an article about the “Mad Hatters in the Blythe community!

BC on My Muse Magazine number 5!

For those of you who still don’t know it, My Muse is a very beautiful magazine about dolls, all of them, done in Italy by a crew of dolly lovers, but with an english text.
You can purchase it on paper but even download it both on your computer or your phone (search for My Muse Magazine in the App Store).
More info on the magazine official siteΒ  or on its Facebook page !

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!!

March 27, 2012

Hello! I’m so busy these days: so behind for preparing my booth for Rome Dollshow (but luckly I was in time to donate one of my hats to the Charity Raffle!) and VERY behind with my commission list!
But lately I’ve felt very inspired for my regular updates, trying new combos, new shapes (did you enjoy the new Caldino hats and BC Crowns?)…more I was blessed by great swaps and gifts, one of these was with a friend on Flickr who donated me some scarves who she thoughts were made from a yarn who really liked a very rare one I purchased in Finand 2 years ago..I was able to turn them into yarn balls again and from a week I’m working on this new update which will be crazy and full of colors!
The first release will be on ebay and other ones (Blythe, Middie and Lati) will follow in the next few days in the shop.
All the hats in this update will have a super tiny “Smiling Face” copper charm on the side and the BC Teddy Bear hats have been embellished with sequins and a felt star which I purchased from Liberty some time ago and that was waiting for a special project.
You can see the ebay listing here .
I really love this update!

The Happy Spring update <3

Crafty Girl, a special Bambina Carabina and Eurotrash collaboration doll!

February 27, 2012

I’m very happy to introduce this special project me and Ruth are working on from some time now!

***Crafty Girl***


The base is a “Baby’s Breath” Blythe doll with a cute “Hime” hair cut.
She has no flaws and no other customizations added.

A EuroTrash Countess of the Empire dress in a lovely combination of plaid and vintage floral print. Accented with laces and trims from Japan. The bodice features pintucks with sage green buttons down the center placket, a neckline trimmed in lace and silk ribbon floral trim alongside the pintucks. The puffed sleeves are of floral print and cuffs of bias cut plaid are finished with a soft creamy lace. The skirt has an offset lace insert and at the hemband some sage green cotton lace as well.


Short puffy bloomers in a rose colored cotton gauze are finished with wide cream lace and have an elastic waist and hem,featuring a little lace bow with a pearl center.


Thigh high cotton striped stockings are of a coffee and cream coloured stripe providing a nice contrast for the entire outfit.

Hat and oversize scarf:

A Bambina Carabina special edition Granny Hat crocheted with a gradient mohair that goes from pastel pink to a light plum one.
Special “Powder Puff”flowers are hand made from 10 layers of hand cut pale pink tulle and they will be never replicated again.
Hat closes on the side by a little metal hook that’s completely hidden under the wool.
Oversize scarf is made by the same gradient mohair in a crochet lace technique.
It can be closed with a metal pin with one “Powder Puff” flower sewn on.

Crafty Girl will come with a special straw trunk full of miniature tools: a pair of moveable tiny scissors, a pile of jaquard fabrics scraps, some miniature yarn balls and a tiny knitting book.
Burgundy boots are included in the auction too.

She will be up on ebay for a 7 days running auction from today.
Please feel free to ask me more details and infos.
I hope you’ll like her!

A percentage of the sale will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

See her here!

A sparkly 2012!!!

December 30, 2011

2010 and 2011 have been terrible years for me and unfortunately for a lot of friends.

Everything is changing and I think nothing will be like before again, it’s a new start, new needings, new thoughts about the real meaning of life.

What I can wish you all is COURAGE and STRENGHT.

To look inside ourselves, to cut what we don’t really need, to start from ourself without waiting anymore, to be near our loved ones, to end the fear.

Love you all.

It’s almost Christmas! A little update about me.

December 16, 2011

It is definetively my favorite time of the year.
This time all my thoughts are for all of you who helped me, joining the raffle, writing wonderful mails, sending me little, unexpected gifts.
I really have no words to thank you all.I would love to hug each one of you.
The total raffle amount was amazing and will help me at last for one year for the instalments, year in wich I hope to set my job/financial life better.
My life is always hard, unfortunately.With the taxes bill it has been added a lack of work.
There’s a terrible crisis now in Italy, like in all the world of course, nobody is hiring free lance consultants as I am because all the fashion industries, the ones that are still surviving, prefer to use to the max people who are already employed, forcing them to work the double or triple and paying them the same as before, if they are lucky.
So now the little jobs I have are little indeed and very poorly paid.I don’t think this situation will change soon or that depends on my curriculum, which is a good one.I only think everything is changing around the world and we all have to start from ourselves.
So I’m closing my Vat number at the end of december and I will use the next year investing on myself, at last everything will depend only on me, which is so scary but necessary too.
I’m trying to do new things, you already have seen my necklaces project, but I’m getting myself involved with the local craft community more and more, working on workshops, offering myself to teach people/children to do things, learning the joy of creating, feeling more the community, trying to learn a new work methodology.I think is the only chance we have right now to change the bad money system that brought us here. At last is the only chance I have right now.
I’m moved to tears now, I really can’t express how thankful I am to all of you.
Thank you for helping me, thank you for caring, thank you for being real people.
And, even if it seems weird, thank you to the crisis for kicking me in the ass and possibly making me being more close to the person I really want to be.
I know it will be an atypical Christmas for many of us: be strong, don’t be shy to share your sorrows and fears, protect your family.
I’m not Catholic but I send you a whole world of blessings.