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Summer break! Well, almost…

August 10, 2011

Hallo!How are you been? I always tend to procastinate everything during the summer season but when is that time of the year,I’m always busier than ever as my son is at home from school, heehee!! (-:

I’m quite satisfied about how my commission list has moved since now! Anyway I will have to stop the progression during the next 2 weeks to give more time to many projects….

I still need to start working on Blythecon UK stuff and I have some projects going on of “not only Granny Hats” items, both for Blythe and Middie…there will be a Charity auction for a friend in need and an ebay auction  for 1 or 2 “Elettroshock Hat”, do you remember them?They were made of a super long and funny mixed mohair and nylon yarn, which was a deadstock I’ve not been able to find again. Recently in my moving to my actual flat I’ve realized I have 1 ball of yarn left, so I think I’m using them soon and I’ve thought of ebay as they will be probably the last ones ever, to give everyone the opportunity to purchase them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last “Jungle” shop update, as I’m workingwith some “Zebra print” felt flowers right now…

As you understand, is only a partial summer break!

Have wonderful holidays!!!



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