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BambiMon Pop girl, an OOAK Blythe doll collaboration between Bambina Carabina & MforMonkey!!!

September 10, 2011

I’m so happy happy to had the opportunity of working along with Mary, the talented, funny and sensitive girl behind MforMonkey:I had the chance of meeting her a lot of times and we have a very similar taste and love for pop colors, irony, music references and good laughs. We started talking abot doing something together during the last Bambole A Roma dollshow, when me and some dolly friends use to share the same cute/Japan culture lovers/ funny Bed&Breakfast from years, the Zolilla B&B , which I recommend for your stay in Rome (

I had this poor Prima Dolly Guava that I’ve purchased because onestly I liked her hair and pale make up a lot, I had already sanded her, changed chips and eyelashes but she was not getting any attention so I thought she could be perfect for this poject!We called her BambiMon, from Bambina+Monkey 🙂 I hope you will like her as we do!

Find her here for a 3 days auction:

Her name is BambiMon, she’s a collaboration OOAK custom Blythe doll by Bambina Carabina & MforMonkey! She loves bright colors, smiling, having fun, pijama parties in the hotels, travelling, laughs, making noise and loud music!


*She was originally a RBL Simply Guava
*Orange, hot pink and light pink highlights added to her stock hair (please note, the scalp was gently glued back to the dome, there’s a really small gap on the right front side, not visible through the bangs)
*New hair cut
*Gently carved lips, painted with pencils and pastels, gloss applied
*Sleepy eyes (please note in the yellow right set, the lids don’t go all the way up, but you can open them more with your fingers)
*Sanded and spray matted face with Mr.SC
*4 new set of chips: front black, front pink with lilac gradient foil, right yellow and left pink (please note the black left eyechip has a tiny scratch, not too noticeable)
*New eyelashes
*Rounded nose (no carving), pastel applied
*New orange and lilac eyeshadow and eyelids, pink cheeks
*Stock pullstring and special little kitty bell as charm

She will come with her handmade outfit shown in pics which includes:

*A limited edition Bambina Carabina Granny Hat, hand crocheted in yellow mohair yarn, with hand cut pop colors plaid and orange painted 8mm wood beads.
*Hand crocheted long roll neck sweater made from turquoise mohair yarn, studded by orange sequins and yellow glass beads, closed on the back with a wood 8mm bead.
*A pair of colorful plaid pants made of lycra and cotton fabric, front and back working pockets, close at the back with a button and strap.
*A pair of pink Licca ballerina shoes.

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  1. Eva permalink
    September 12, 2011 8:29 am

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!! She´s really cute!!!!!!!!!

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