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Blythecon Uk is coming! Some things I’d like to say about it…

September 29, 2011

Even if everything seems to be against me  as I’m having migraine just these days before leaving, which means I won’t finish all the things I  would have to, new display, more items on offer,etc, plus some unlucky job timing, I’m hoping I will feel better tomorrow and to take my flight with an empty mind…

Anyway, thinking about last year edition, I was so happy about my success but one thing I really didn’t like was I didn’t had the chance to talk to anyone while purchasing from my stall.Everybody was in front of my like a jumping “human wall” taking my hats like crazy! (((-:

It was weird to see all the things I’ve put time and care to do, deseappearing in half an hour without even remembering the face of the people they went to!

Really, heehee, it was a crazy moment that reminded me about some videos on H&M designer collaborations! 🙂

So, even if I can’t oblige anybody to do it, I would really appreciate a more ordinate thing this year, maybe a queue, I don’t know.I don’t like to say what people should do, but I would like to have the chance at least to say hello to everybody, people I will probably meet for the first time.

Another thing is, like last year edition, I will only sell 1 Blythe size hat per person.I’m not a factory and I would love to let the more attendings as possible, the chance of purchasing something from me. Middie/Odeco size hats are 1 per person too, so at last you could purchase 1Blythe+1 Middie hat.

I will accept both Pounds and Euros, but please try to take some change with you!

To do things easier,here’s my price list:

Granny Hats for Blythe (there will be about 20 pcs):

30 usd/ 20 gbp / 22 euros

There will be some Granny Hats made in special yarns that are more expensive, they will be:

35 usd/22 gbp/ 25 euros

Elettroshock Hats for Blythe (6 pcs):

40 usd/ 25 gbp/30 euro

Confetti Teddy Bear Hats for Blythe (5 pcs):

28 usd/18 gbp/20 euros

Confetti Teddy Bear Hats for Middie/Odeco (5 pcs):

25 usd/16 gbp/ 19 euros

Other Teddy Bear Hats for Middie: (don’t know how many yet!)

25 usd/16 gbp/ 19 euros

***Please bring some coins!****

Lokking forward to meet you all!






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  1. Ditsy Print (Clare) permalink
    September 29, 2011 9:27 am

    I think this is a good idea! I hope to be able to say ‘Hi’ to you Gaia, and be able to buy a hat without feeling too stressed!

  2. September 29, 2011 9:57 am

    I hope i’ll have a chance to get one of your hat too !
    I understand what you mean. It’s my first time to BlytheCon and I really hope I’ll meet and talk with other !
    So if you’re not too busy when it will be my turn at your stand, I’ll be happy to talk with you!!!!
    Please take some rest with your migraine!
    See you soon!

  3. Sherri permalink
    September 29, 2011 1:39 pm

    I wish I were coming to BCUK so that I could meet you Gaia! I hope you feel better and that everything goes smoothly with your sales.

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