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About the WIP raffle.

November 2, 2011

I’ve never been someone who easily talks about her private life, when online.I have a lot of online friends but as I know internet is a very little private place, I’ve always carefully choosen my words when I had to talk about me..More I know that it’s very easy to misunderstood and as I’m not a mother language english, I’ve always feared my words could sound too rough or unappropriate.
When I’ve posted my “Life Sucks” pic on flickr, explaining why I was going to sell my doll collection, I did only because I needed to do it vey quickly and sharing was a priority.I’ve explained only to my close friends all the little details, but as the theme was taxes and I didn’t want to look like someone who usually and superficially doesn’t pay them, I wanted to explain better what was going on and why, not to be misunderstood.
Immediatly after I’ve started to receive a lot of support emails.A lot.
I was very touched and grateful, but at the same time it was more hurting as was like an echo to my sorrow.Every time I replied to a caring email for me was suffering twice.I’ve never thought I had this amount of mails back, really.
Probably if I was someone who easily talks about her private problems, I wouldn’t be shocked as I was.
A couple of friend wrote me telling they wanted to do an ebay auction as they couldn’t help me by buying my dolls but they wanted to help me anyway.
I think is normal for a friend, I would have done myself.
Anyway I was embarassed and I thought they were sweet.
The auction finally turned into a raffle, which I’ve always have preferred because everybody if they want to, can partecipate only with a little money.
Really I was shocked when I realized all my flickr was full of the raffle pics.
With prizes becoming more and more and more and from such “famous” people.
Really I couldn’t image this.I’m so sorry if this may offend you comparing to other more important charity fundraising.I ‘ve always been very sensible to charity, I did a lot of charity auctions in the past, started the “Support Japan” group during the earthquake and starting a charity Cafe Press shop which is actually running.
I’ve never though to do this intentionally, I don’t think this is a normal reaction for anybody who talks about his private life publicly on flickr.I didn’t want to stay on a perch.I didn’t ask to be this popular.
For all of you who joined and for all who wrote me: thank you so much.
Please try to be as generous are you are currently being with me with other causes too.
I can understand if all this looks quite crazy and unfair, I’m sorry.

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  1. November 4, 2011 6:28 pm


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