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Some things at the end of the year….

December 7, 2011

First of all, sorry for not writing for such a long time…as you know, I had some troubles and, sad but true, all that gave me a moment of “reject” for all that was internet related.
Second I wanted to thank you all again for your generousity, neither me or the raffle organizer would have ever thought of this success.
I was so lucky to attend anyway Le Jour B in Paris, I had a free ticket from Alitalia I would have to use within the end of the year anyway and it wasgood to stay away from everything for a while and such in good company.
The show was great.Completely different from Blythecon in London of course, smallest for sure but with his own personality.We vendors were so much cared of, many details, gifts and attentions made this show like a little party between friends, in a cozy atmosphere I still miss.
I had the chance of knowing better all the french girls, who were all amazing, funny, kind and, omg,ALL beutiful!You can see the french beauty indeed.Like in all the friends parties, there were a lot of children, cakes and macarons too that just add an even sweet frame to all.
Great job girls!

(pic by Bruno)
(pic by Sussie)

In the last pic I’m with Geo, the wonderful Travelling Blythe from Frankie Darling that I was honoured to host..I’m not much in the mood of taking pics but I was very happy to have her with me, she’ s really well made and with a lot of personality, I loved how her hair were dyed!
Needly to say, I didn’t moved my Granny Hat commission list from almost 2 months and I’m sorry, but two Dollshows and all you know kept my mind too busy…thank you for your patience,I think I would start again on working for it from the next week,please let me know if you sent a request to join and your name isn’t on the list yet, it may be got deleted by mistake with all the sales mail I had to manage, sorry.
Some says when your mind is sick you better move your hands, so I’ve lately started a crochet project for “humans”… maybe some of you who use Instagram already had some preview of it…I’m working on some wool/soft necklaces which could be worn by women of all the ages: my mum, as long as my twentysomething friends love them both (-:
I wouldn’t post any official pic until they were totally made and I just had a little “test” while in Paris, where I’ve been so honoured by flattering comments from some great taste ladies I really admire.
I will let you know more news soon, I’m just taking the official pics these days with the help of ome friends.
I’m so excited and scared at the same time!
Thank you for being always so kind to me.

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