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Happy Spring!!

March 27, 2012

Hello! I’m so busy these days: so behind for preparing my booth for Rome Dollshow (but luckly I was in time to donate one of my hats to the Charity Raffle!) and VERY behind with my commission list!
But lately I’ve felt very inspired for my regular updates, trying new combos, new shapes (did you enjoy the new Caldino hats and BC Crowns?)…more I was blessed by great swaps and gifts, one of these was with a friend on Flickr who donated me some scarves who she thoughts were made from a yarn who really liked a very rare one I purchased in Finand 2 years ago..I was able to turn them into yarn balls again and from a week I’m working on this new update which will be crazy and full of colors!
The first release will be on ebay and other ones (Blythe, Middie and Lati) will follow in the next few days in the shop.
All the hats in this update will have a super tiny “Smiling Face” copper charm on the side and the BC Teddy Bear hats have been embellished with sequins and a felt star which I purchased from Liberty some time ago and that was waiting for a special project.
You can see the ebay listing here .
I really love this update!

The Happy Spring update <3

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  1. February 6, 2013 7:17 pm

    “Happy Spring!! bambinacarabina” ended up being a terrific blog, can not wait to read
    through far more of your blog posts. Time to spend a little time on the net
    lol. Thanks for the post -Trisha

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