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Summer news!

August 10, 2012

Hallo! Some summer time updates…

I had to stop for a while the commission list work as I’m having some supplies problems which I’m trying to solve, by now the stash I have will be only used for the regular shop updates, I’m letting you know when I’ll keep it moving again.

Sorry for who’s waiting!

During these 3 days I’m having on sale for a special ebay auction the last ever Black Elettroshock Hat: unfortunately I won’t be able to find this crazy vintage deadstock yarn again, so I thought it would have deserved a special “adoption” (-:

I have some hopes for the teal version but black seems impossible to find, I’m trying hard from an year as it’s a yarn from the eighties, with no luck.

These last three I’ve put on sale these days (2 teal ones were already sold on Etsy) were done by some little remains I was lucky to find while reorganizing my yarn stash!(-:

On ebay for a 3 days auction:

item number 190712689611

Thank you so much for your support again!


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