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Welcome in the BC new official website!

My name is Gaia, I live in Italy and I’m a fashion designer.

From 2008 I do crocheted hats and clothes  for Blythe dolls and my “Granny Hats”, inspired by vintage swimming caps and from the kitchy hats my beloved Grannies used to wear, are also have been done for Lati, Mui-Chan, Emerald Witches, Licca/Wataru,Odeco and Middie Blythe too.

Bambina Carabina is a play on words, In italian,”Bambina” means “Little Girl” and “Carabina” stays for “Rifle”… I love silly jokes!

I’m definetively addicted to yarns: old shops, vintage deadstock, web…each yarn ball has its own personality which I try to underline with the addition of felt flowers, which I personally cut, and wood or glass beads.

The result is hats that can be from pop and cartoon-like to folk and romantic.

If you want to be added to the mailing list, please write me at:


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