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Crafty Girl, a special Bambina Carabina and Eurotrash collaboration doll!

February 27, 2012

I’m very happy to introduce this special project me and Ruth are working on from some time now!

***Crafty Girl***


The base is a “Baby’s Breath” Blythe doll with a cute “Hime” hair cut.
She has no flaws and no other customizations added.

A EuroTrash Countess of the Empire dress in a lovely combination of plaid and vintage floral print. Accented with laces and trims from Japan. The bodice features pintucks with sage green buttons down the center placket, a neckline trimmed in lace and silk ribbon floral trim alongside the pintucks. The puffed sleeves are of floral print and cuffs of bias cut plaid are finished with a soft creamy lace. The skirt has an offset lace insert and at the hemband some sage green cotton lace as well.


Short puffy bloomers in a rose colored cotton gauze are finished with wide cream lace and have an elastic waist and hem,featuring a little lace bow with a pearl center.


Thigh high cotton striped stockings are of a coffee and cream coloured stripe providing a nice contrast for the entire outfit.

Hat and oversize scarf:

A Bambina Carabina special edition Granny Hat crocheted with a gradient mohair that goes from pastel pink to a light plum one.
Special “Powder Puff”flowers are hand made from 10 layers of hand cut pale pink tulle and they will be never replicated again.
Hat closes on the side by a little metal hook that’s completely hidden under the wool.
Oversize scarf is made by the same gradient mohair in a crochet lace technique.
It can be closed with a metal pin with one “Powder Puff” flower sewn on.

Crafty Girl will come with a special straw trunk full of miniature tools: a pair of moveable tiny scissors, a pile of jaquard fabrics scraps, some miniature yarn balls and a tiny knitting book.
Burgundy boots are included in the auction too.

She will be up on ebay for a 7 days running auction from today.
Please feel free to ask me more details and infos.
I hope you’ll like her!

A percentage of the sale will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

See her here!


A sparkly 2012!!!

December 30, 2011

2010 and 2011 have been terrible years for me and unfortunately for a lot of friends.

Everything is changing and I think nothing will be like before again, it’s a new start, new needings, new thoughts about the real meaning of life.

What I can wish you all is COURAGE and STRENGHT.

To look inside ourselves, to cut what we don’t really need, to start from ourself without waiting anymore, to be near our loved ones, to end the fear.

Love you all.

It’s almost Christmas! A little update about me.

December 16, 2011

It is definetively my favorite time of the year.
This time all my thoughts are for all of you who helped me, joining the raffle, writing wonderful mails, sending me little, unexpected gifts.
I really have no words to thank you all.I would love to hug each one of you.
The total raffle amount was amazing and will help me at last for one year for the instalments, year in wich I hope to set my job/financial life better.
My life is always hard, unfortunately.With the taxes bill it has been added a lack of work.
There’s a terrible crisis now in Italy, like in all the world of course, nobody is hiring free lance consultants as I am because all the fashion industries, the ones that are still surviving, prefer to use to the max people who are already employed, forcing them to work the double or triple and paying them the same as before, if they are lucky.
So now the little jobs I have are little indeed and very poorly paid.I don’t think this situation will change soon or that depends on my curriculum, which is a good one.I only think everything is changing around the world and we all have to start from ourselves.
So I’m closing my Vat number at the end of december and I will use the next year investing on myself, at last everything will depend only on me, which is so scary but necessary too.
I’m trying to do new things, you already have seen my necklaces project, but I’m getting myself involved with the local craft community more and more, working on workshops, offering myself to teach people/children to do things, learning the joy of creating, feeling more the community, trying to learn a new work methodology.I think is the only chance we have right now to change the bad money system that brought us here. At last is the only chance I have right now.
I’m moved to tears now, I really can’t express how thankful I am to all of you.
Thank you for helping me, thank you for caring, thank you for being real people.
And, even if it seems weird, thank you to the crisis for kicking me in the ass and possibly making me being more close to the person I really want to be.
I know it will be an atypical Christmas for many of us: be strong, don’t be shy to share your sorrows and fears, protect your family.
I’m not Catholic but I send you a whole world of blessings.

Some things at the end of the year….

December 7, 2011

First of all, sorry for not writing for such a long time…as you know, I had some troubles and, sad but true, all that gave me a moment of “reject” for all that was internet related.
Second I wanted to thank you all again for your generousity, neither me or the raffle organizer would have ever thought of this success.
I was so lucky to attend anyway Le Jour B in Paris, I had a free ticket from Alitalia I would have to use within the end of the year anyway and it wasgood to stay away from everything for a while and such in good company.
The show was great.Completely different from Blythecon in London of course, smallest for sure but with his own personality.We vendors were so much cared of, many details, gifts and attentions made this show like a little party between friends, in a cozy atmosphere I still miss.
I had the chance of knowing better all the french girls, who were all amazing, funny, kind and, omg,ALL beutiful!You can see the french beauty indeed.Like in all the friends parties, there were a lot of children, cakes and macarons too that just add an even sweet frame to all.
Great job girls!

(pic by Bruno)
(pic by Sussie)

In the last pic I’m with Geo, the wonderful Travelling Blythe from Frankie Darling that I was honoured to host..I’m not much in the mood of taking pics but I was very happy to have her with me, she’ s really well made and with a lot of personality, I loved how her hair were dyed!
Needly to say, I didn’t moved my Granny Hat commission list from almost 2 months and I’m sorry, but two Dollshows and all you know kept my mind too busy…thank you for your patience,I think I would start again on working for it from the next week,please let me know if you sent a request to join and your name isn’t on the list yet, it may be got deleted by mistake with all the sales mail I had to manage, sorry.
Some says when your mind is sick you better move your hands, so I’ve lately started a crochet project for “humans”… maybe some of you who use Instagram already had some preview of it…I’m working on some wool/soft necklaces which could be worn by women of all the ages: my mum, as long as my twentysomething friends love them both (-:
I wouldn’t post any official pic until they were totally made and I just had a little “test” while in Paris, where I’ve been so honoured by flattering comments from some great taste ladies I really admire.
I will let you know more news soon, I’m just taking the official pics these days with the help of ome friends.
I’m so excited and scared at the same time!
Thank you for being always so kind to me.

About the WIP raffle.

November 2, 2011

I’ve never been someone who easily talks about her private life, when online.I have a lot of online friends but as I know internet is a very little private place, I’ve always carefully choosen my words when I had to talk about me..More I know that it’s very easy to misunderstood and as I’m not a mother language english, I’ve always feared my words could sound too rough or unappropriate.
When I’ve posted my “Life Sucks” pic on flickr, explaining why I was going to sell my doll collection, I did only because I needed to do it vey quickly and sharing was a priority.I’ve explained only to my close friends all the little details, but as the theme was taxes and I didn’t want to look like someone who usually and superficially doesn’t pay them, I wanted to explain better what was going on and why, not to be misunderstood.
Immediatly after I’ve started to receive a lot of support emails.A lot.
I was very touched and grateful, but at the same time it was more hurting as was like an echo to my sorrow.Every time I replied to a caring email for me was suffering twice.I’ve never thought I had this amount of mails back, really.
Probably if I was someone who easily talks about her private problems, I wouldn’t be shocked as I was.
A couple of friend wrote me telling they wanted to do an ebay auction as they couldn’t help me by buying my dolls but they wanted to help me anyway.
I think is normal for a friend, I would have done myself.
Anyway I was embarassed and I thought they were sweet.
The auction finally turned into a raffle, which I’ve always have preferred because everybody if they want to, can partecipate only with a little money.
Really I was shocked when I realized all my flickr was full of the raffle pics.
With prizes becoming more and more and more and from such “famous” people.
Really I couldn’t image this.I’m so sorry if this may offend you comparing to other more important charity fundraising.I ‘ve always been very sensible to charity, I did a lot of charity auctions in the past, started the “Support Japan” group during the earthquake and starting a charity Cafe Press shop which is actually running.
I’ve never though to do this intentionally, I don’t think this is a normal reaction for anybody who talks about his private life publicly on flickr.I didn’t want to stay on a perch.I didn’t ask to be this popular.
For all of you who joined and for all who wrote me: thank you so much.
Please try to be as generous are you are currently being with me with other causes too.
I can understand if all this looks quite crazy and unfair, I’m sorry.

When life hurts

October 27, 2011

As many of you already know, due to a terrible tax bill I had last week, I’m selling the 80% of my doll collection. I’m keeping only my MiniG, my Goldie, Sara’s Icy custom and my Middie.Probably I will take my Aztec too as I really can’t let her go.I’ve sold my only Odeco too, almost all my Japanese dolls (except Wataru and a little one who remembers me too much about a lost friend).I’m selling 3 frogs on theΒ  4 I have and 2 witches on 3.
Selling one or two dolls has never bothered me too much, they probably weren’t bonding with me much but, as long as I’ve never felt comfortable with having a big collection, I was very fine lately with my small one.All of them were precious to me and with a great personality. Giving them away all at once is really heartbreaking, is like you’re giving away a part of yourself, the most naive and childish one, like one doll alone is only a doll but all together they speak about who you are inside, a part you don’t often show out, because you’re an adult.It has been like a sad goodbye to the carefree part of me.I’ve spent saturday night crying in my bed for this.I’m not able to look at my doll’s shelf from last week.I don’t want to look at them, remembering how I love each of them.Seeing them all in a row, waiting to be shipped.Really I’ve never realized how important they are for me.
The hardest part is I won’t be able to pay my debts at all with this sale, they will only soften a bit the situation for the first months. You all know me for being a smiling person, well I’m not these days.I can’t sleep and I’m very worried and feel a loser,worried for my future and my son.For those who can’t understand why I had this big expense, they were all old taxes I wasn’t ABLE to pay two years ago+ all the increases for not paying at the right time.Taxes in Italy if you are a small free lance like me and you can’t dicharge many expense ( I mean for example a studio rent or employees ), the perchentage goes up to the 57% of your gain.Which is quite ok if you gain a lot but not if you gain as little as I do and everybody pays you very in late and more with the money that’s left you have to pay all the expenses like car, job travels etc.
So I couldn’t pay taxes at that time because if I would have do it I wouldn’t had money to survive, me and my family.People like me or like my boyfriend or a lot of others I know, who have always worked hard in a period when unfortunately everybody is left at home from a job or can’t find one, well as I was saying, these people are actually taking LOANS from the bank to being able to pay taxes! Can you believe it?That’s what is actually happening in Italy.And if the bank doesn’t allow you to have a loan because maybe you haven’t anything like a house or other guarantees, you will live your life like a tax evader (even if youΒ  are not as you’ve declared all!), feeling guilty and frustrated even if you would be an honest person.
I’m really exausted to have these problems from years while at the same time having a great curriculum and references.

…please forgive my vent.
I’ve received fantastic mails, text messages etc from people supporting me, telling me about their own personal problems, wishing my luck and courage.Asking me what they could do for me, spending too kind words about me.
Really THANKS for all you’ve wrote me.Even if I didn’t always replied (sorry I’m not exactly myself, lately) I’ve apreciated every bit. And as I couldn’t let my parents know about this situation (they’re not rich and I don’t want them to worry in their elder age), it was so wonderful to have such a big amount of friends cheering me up.
I’m selling my dolls this week as I’ve mentioned before, I’m doing the same for Sundries soon and then some special item/limited BC could pop up on ebay.
I was very unsure if still going to Paris Dollshow in december but, as I will pay my flight with a free Alitalia ticket I had to spend within 2011 and the flat rent was offered by some wonderful friends, I think I’m still going, seeing my doll friends would help for sure.
Thank you so much for having done so much for me, you’ve been all so precious and feeling myself surrounded from all this sincere love has really surprised and helped me.
I hope I’ll be to be able to give back all this.


Some nice surprises..

October 14, 2011

I was very pleased to be featured with my dear MiniG in Travelling Isle blog, on a post about Hello Etsy convention! Heehee I was the only one with a Blythe doll around and everyone was so curious about them!MiniG had a lot of personal success while there! LOL
Read the blog!And come next year! πŸ™‚

Another nice surprise was today while I was reading the last Dolly Dolly magazine, number 26, a very nice photo article about Susie Sad Eyes dolls… there was a pic by Megan/Minklet with all her collection of Susies and two of them were wearing my Bunny Beanies I was doing years ago πŸ™‚ I didn’t even remember about her purchasing them!
So nice to see them there!